Saturday, January 25, 2014

P. Miller Ballers Import Talent

P. Miller Ballers 2020
In the world of elite middle school basketball, sometimes money is no object when it comes to competing for championships. Case in point, a couple of times this winter two Ohio middle schoolers have been on one hell of a roller-coaster ride courtesy Master P and his P. Miller Ballers. Sixth graders Shemar Morrow (6’0 WF Aurora) and Devon Hightower (5’3 WF Aurora) have recently been running with the California-based P. Miller Ballers in a couple of elite events on the west coast. One such event was the Open Gym WCE25 OCSD Challenge where the Ballers ran through the competition on their way to the title.

For middle school basketball fans, Morrow is widely recognized as the top player not only in Ohio, but in the nation the class of 2020. He is so talented that Rapper Master P is financing his and trips out west to play for his team. Miller’s investment is obviously paying off with MVP performances by Morrow, solid play from Hightower and 2 championships since the pair have been playing with the team. For the record, the P. Miller Ballers were already a quality team, but the addition of Morrow and Hightower, the team is dominate, and the favorite to win any tournament they enter. 

Shemar Morrow
This is not the first time Master P. has involved himself in travel basketball. Several years ago Miller financed a team for his older son, Little Romeo who also accumulated some of the top players in the country. Like his current squad, Master P spares no expense in recruiting and bringing in some of the top talent in the country, regardless of where they live. This time around, Morrow and Hightower get the opportunity to run with Miller’s younger son, Hercy Miller, as well as other talented guys like Fred Burton and Jay Taylor.

With 2 championships under their belts already this year, the P. Miller Ballers are poised to make major noise in the upcoming NYBL season, which tips off in Washington DC in March. Although Morrow and Hightower will be running with the Ohio-based King James Shooting Stars in the NYBL, you can bet Master P. will find replacement players to take up some of the slack left by the departure of Morrow and Hightower, and will be a favorite to win a NYBL National Championship.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

NYBL Talent Represents at Lucas Camp

Danario Edgar II-PG Sugerland, YX

By now, the talent level in the inaugural season of the NYBL is well known. Last week, at John Lucas’ Camp Right Way in Houston, Texas, the NYBL had several representatives on some of the top performer lists we saw (there could have been others). A shout out goes to Future Phenom’s Coach Danario Edgar, as he had three 7th graders who received special recognition as one of the top 3 players on their respective team. Danario Edgar II (5’1 PG Sugarland), Jarvis Johnson Jr. (5’10 WF Houston) and Jordyn Adams (5’8 SG Sugarland) all cracked the list of standout performers. This recognition is even more impressive because the 2-day event was dominated by 8th graders and players representing 24 states. We look forward to see these three players in year 2 of the NYBL which tips off in March.