Monday, June 30, 2014

NYBL All-Star Game Rosters Released

The level of team and individual talent amassed by the National Youth Basketball League (NYBL) has been well document, and on September 13th the league’s most elite players will make the trek to Columbus, Ohio to participate in the NYBL All-Star Weekend. As part of the event, the league will sponsor a slate of 5 all-star games between the 6th and 7th grade divisions, including Top 20, Top 40 and Top 60 games in the 7th grade division, and a Top 20 and Top 40 game in the 6th grade division. The league will also be holding ring ceremonies in each of the divisions.

Because the league-sponsored games will be held in conjunction with the Buckeye Prep Elite Showcase, the all-star game participants as well as all of the players who participated in the league will have the opportunity to play 4 additional showcase games against players from all over the country who may not have participated in the NYBL. In addition, although the rosters for the NYBL all-star  games have been preselected, every player in the event will have the opportunity to play their way into a final all-star game on Sunday, based on their ranking during the course of the 4 showcase games. Bottom line, every player in the league is invited to this event and will have the opportunity to participate in high level games.

Below is a link to the NYBL All-Star Game rosters. The players were selected based on their performance throughout the NYBL season. Primarily, those players who made the various “Top Performer” lists were selected, based on their ranking and position. Each team has 2 players per position. In addition to the rosters, a list of alternates has been developed as replacements for those players who cannot participate. Players selected for the all-star games have until July 31st to register and declare their intentions to participate.  After that date, any player who has not registered will be replaced by an alternate who has already registered. It’s our intentions to insure that each of the roster spots is filled well in advance of the event. As was the case last year, this event promises to offer great competition, a high level of exposure and a great time! Congratulations to all of the players who have been selected for the all-star games.