Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

The NYBL family would like to extend Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family. During the holidays it's important we all take the time to enjoy our loved ones. Oh yea, there should be a lot of great college basketball on TV today! God Bless!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DC Premier Upgrades for NYBL

DC Primer 2019
As most savvy youth basketball fans well know, the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area is loaded with elite basketball talent.  Obviously, where you find elite individual talent, you also find elite teams. Arguably the top 2019 team in the area is the Under Armour-sponsored D.C. Premiere (DCP). Although they flew a bit under the national radar this past season, with key returning players, plus the acquisition of some nice pieces, Coach John Perry is preparing his squad to win a NYBL National Championship. 

With little fan fair, DCP enjoyed decent success in 2014 with a big win at Boo Williams’ Nike Elite Tourney, and their AAU Regional title in April.  In addition, DCP demonstrated their potential last year at the King James Shooting Star Classic where they took a loaded All-Ohio Red team right down to the wire before allowing a close game to slip away late in the quarterfinals (39-45 final).  After their 9th place finish at the AAU Nationals this summer (defeated Texas Express Elite 53-50) it was clear DCP would be a team to be reckoned with going forward.  Most recently, DCP went undefeated in the Largo High School JV League playing up against older kids. During there run to the champioship, they took down a very competitive Team Takeover.

Makhi Mitchell, Marvin Price, Makhel Mitchell, Christian DePollar & Sharif Kenny
Fast forward to 2015 and DC Primer’s roster will include 6 players who are ranked among  the NYBL’s Top 100 payer rankings. DCP will again be anchored by twin towers Mekhi (6’7/WF/MD), and Mikhel Mitchell (6’7/C/MD). The Mitchell twins are a dynamic duo that will give DCP one of the biggest frontcourts in the class. Key returnees for DCP include: Casey Morsell (5’11/SG/MD), Tiger Simms (6’2/WF/MD), Evan Buckley (5’10/SG/VA), Anwar Gill 6'2/WF/DC), Preston Bacon (5'10/PG/VA) and Mike Sumner Jr. (5'9/PG/MD/2020)New to the team this upcoming season will be Marvin Price (6’4/WF/MD) and Christian DePollar (6’4/WF/MD). In terms of Sherif Kinney, according to Coach Perry, he (Kenny) will float between both the 2018 and 2019 teams. We had the opportunity watch DePollar, Price and Kenny this season and we were very impressed with their talent. 

As currently constructed, DC Premier is legitimately among the top 3-4 teams in the nation in 2019, and has a great opportunity at a NYBL National Championship.  Having been exposed to the NYBL late last season, Coach Perry is looking forward to his team participating in the elite league. "Every weekend we expect to face tough battles," said Perry.  "We will have to bring our A game every week. All those teams [in the NYBL] finished high at the [AAU] Nationals last year.  The league made them battled tested," continued Perry. Not only was Perry impressed with the competition the NYBL had to offer, he also recognized the camaraderie and relationships between the players, parents and coaches. "It was like a big family,"  offered Perry.  "The kids and teams were very close knit.  That's what I want for my kids," Perry said. The addition of DC Premier to an already competitive league will create some great match-ups and some very compelling games. Can't wait!

Friday, November 7, 2014

City Stars Prepares for NYBL

2014 City Stars
According to Mike Morris, Founder of the West Coast All-Stars (WCAS) and coach of the 2020 team, Coach Jimmie Burton will merge his 2019 City Stars team with Morris’ organization to form the “West Coast Stars” for the 2015 season.  As most will recall, Burton’s City Stars squad shocked the nation with their 2nd place finish at the AAU Nationals this year. On their trek to the championship game, the City Stars upended the CP3 All-stars in pool play before losing the rematch to CP3 in the championship game. 

Burton’s roster will remain intact, and includes elite guys like Ernest “EJ” Jackson (5’4 /PG/CA), Jaden McClanahan (5’8/WG/CA) and Jovan McClanahan (5’8/WG/CA), all of whom are ranked in the NYBL’s Top 100 player rankings. When the NYBL season tips off in in March, Burton’s upgraded roster will include the addition of Kevin White (6’4/PF/C/CA), who balled with Surf City this season, and Ethan Anderson (6’1/P/SG/CA), who ran with OC Vision this year. Also returning are: Jordon Wilmore (5’8/WF/CA), Demarjae Gilmore (5'9/SG/WF/ CA), Dorian Stewart (5'6/SG/CA) and JR OLofton (6'2 W/PF/CA).

In an interview earlier this week, Morris indicated that he and Burton had discussed the partnership last year, but the talks did not get serious until several months ago. Morris feels the collaboration is a good fit for both partys, as both organization “are keen on helping kids develop, while providing opportunities for kids to compete,” said Morris. According to Burton, his primary motivation for joining forces with Morris’ organization is all about “representing the west coast.” “They [WCAS] did not have an 8th grade team and I wanted to bring the west coast to the east coast to show the east coast we [west coast] are on the same [talent] level,” said Burton. “A lot of coaches have pride and egos and don’t want to get together to build an elite west coast team,” continued Burton. "I don’t care about the name on the jersey, I want our [west coast] kids to get the experience of playing the best,” offered Burton. "I tried to do this a couple of years ago, but everybody wants to poke their chests out…to be the man,” Burton said.

E. Williams, J. Harris, P. Dawson, D. Dupenia, W. McClendon and N. Velnzia
With the addition of the City Stars, Morris is excited about the 3 teams that will represent his organization and will travel east to participate in the 3rd season of the NYBL.  With core of the 2019 roster still intact, plus a few additions, Morris expects his 2019 team to compete for a NYBL National Championship. “We’re coming to win it,” Morris said. “I expect us to win it. We will be loaded. We will able to leverage Jason [Harris] and Ben [Todd],” continued Morris.  Jason Harris, who has grown to 6’6 by the way, and Todd will see action on both the 2019 and 2020 teams.   In addition, now that Paris Dawson (5'10/SG/CA) has reclassed to 2021, he will split time with the 2020 and 2021 teams.  That will give Morris’ teams a lot of flexibility. “We expect all 3 of our teams to be competitive,” Morris continued.  Burton is equally optimistic about his team’s chances of winning a NYBL National Championship. “It [NYBL] offers a great opportunity. I was there last year and saw all of the teams and the level of competition.  I really think they [his team] they are going to play 150% better in the league.  My guys are looking forward to it [playing in the NYBL]. When the lights come on, my guys come to play. We are seeking to be #1,” Burton said.

In terms of his 2020 team, Morris returns all of his top guys including: Parris Dawson, William McClendon, Nicolas Velnzia, & Tyrone Washington Jr. Morri's team also adds size and depth with the additions of Benjamin Todd (6’7/C/CA) and Dillon Depina (6’1/PF/CA). Before committing to the WCAS, there had been rumors Todd would be running with WACG next season; however, his roster spot with WCAS appears to confirm his intentions to stay closer to home. Depina was a last minute addition to the Oakland Solders’ roster last year, so he brings NYBL experience to the table. With all of the returning players plus the new additions, the WCAS have an excellent chance  of claiming back-to-back NYBL National Championships.  With respect to 

Morris' 6th grade team, they are currently ranked as the #5 best team on the west coast, making them one of the favorites to collect another NYBL National Championship for the organization. Headlining that team ais a quartet of guards including: Dawson, Zaon Collins (5'7/G/NV), Brandon Perez (5'9/G/CA), Ricardo Samierto (5'5/PG AZ), and Mekhi Morrise (5'0 PG/CA). "Look out for for an uptempo style of run and gun play from the West Coast Stars," proclaimed Morris.

2020 West Coast All-Stars-2014 NYBL National Champions
Coming off their runner-up finish at the AAU nationals, plus the addition of some key pieces, the 2019 West Coast Stars can make a legitimate argument for the #1 spot in the nation.  Of course Team CP3 has that honor right now and it's doubtful they plan to relinquish the crown until it’s taken on the court.  However, in terms of the NYBL, Burton’s team has to be the favorite when the 2015 season tips off in March of next year. Get your popcorn folks, the West Coast is coming and they plan to prove a point!  

On a side note, Morris and Burton are not the only coaches planing to represent the west coast in the NYBL next season, as the NGA Stars are ready to flex some muscle as well.  The Stars are currently ranked as the #3 team on the west coast.  More on the Stars later as we plan to introduce that team.