Wednesday, March 19, 2014

NYBL Coaches Email Published

Below is an email we sent out to all league coaches.  We thought it would be good information to get out to the general public:


Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to the second season of the National Youth Basketball League (NYBL)! The teams we have attracted to the league this year represent the very best this nation has to offer. In year one, 7 of the 8 teams that finished in the Elite 8 at last year’s AAU Nationals participated in the NYBL.  This year’s field should be even more competitive and will include an international flavor with the addition of several Canadian teams. With the quality of teams that have joined the league this year, I’m sure you will agree the NYBL will once again be the most competitive event of the spring and summer. 

We are happy to report that at this point, all of the 32 spots in the 2019 division and 16 spots in the 2020 division have been filled, and we are now preparing for session #1 in Washington DC. For the record, the following teams have joined the league this year (2019): Texas Express Elite, All-Ohio Red, Team Rio National, SC Hornets, CP3 All-Stars, Team Takeover, George Hill, Rising Stars, Reach Higher Kings, Carolina Chaos, TNBC, Arkansas Solderz, 6th Man Warriors, Enplay Elite, Ohio Basketball Club, Butler Elite, Riverside Flyers, Lexington Hustle, Brampton Warriors, DC United, Team United, DC Assault, Nashville Burners, Future Phenoms, We All Can Go, Academy Prep Hawks, ELW Future Stars/Team D-Wade, Northern Kings, Ohio Hoopsters, Charlotte Rivals, MADE Elite, Team Florida and Upstate Elite. (2020): Oakland Soldiers, West Coast All-Stars, Leesburg Basketball Club, Team Glory, DC Premier, Worldwide Wildcats, CBC Elite, Banneker Kings, God First Crusaders, Mansfield Cavs, Carolina Kings, Enplay Elite, Flints Finest, Swish City Magic, Brampton Warriors and Team Nation.

Below you will find links to session 1 schedules and league and game rules. Please make sure you read each document very carefully, as they outline the basic structure and operating procedures of the league. The NYBL will be much different than the traditional tournaments you are accustom to. We are also attempting to create a very controlled, professional and competitive environment, which will require players, coaches and parents to step up their game. Adherence to all league rules is a must! Please feel free to call me should you have any questions regarding the rules or the structure of the league. 

This year we are going to crack down on poor player, coach and fan behavior. A few times last year we were forced to eject players, coaches and fans.  We are attempting to create a more positive experience and an environment that is unlike what we see in more traditional tournaments, and we will not tolerate players, coaches and fans that cross the line. We know these games mean a lot to you guys, but we cannot have some of the craziness we sometimes see on the summer circuit! Also, we will also be enforcing the dress code for coaches. We will allow for neat and clean shorts, but coaches must wear collared shirts. Sneakers are ok if they are neat and clean.

The NYBL will be following AAU’s age/grade eligibility rules. Bottom line, if a kid can’t play in AAU sanctioned events, he can’s play in the league! Each team must report to each session with birth certificates and grade cards.  AAU cards are also requested. We will have a person(s) assigned at each session to review the material.  If you show up without the information, your player(s) will not be able to participate! Don’t bring a kid who may be forced to watch the entire weekend!
We will also be handing out uniform patches.  These patches should be a source of pride for you and your players, as they signify that your team is very talented and committed to playing the best competition in the country. Each team will receive 2 patches per player (for 2 uniforms). The patches can be ironed on, so please designate 1 of your parents to bring an iron to session 1 so the patches can be affixed to the uniform. The patches will be placed in the upper left breast area of the uniform. Although the patches can be sown on, we recommend that they later be stitched on to insure they don’t fall off during the season.

For those teams who still have a balance on their entry fees, they must be paid in full prior to your first game.  If fees are not paid in full, you will not be able to start your game.  Please be prepared to take care of your financial responsibility on Saturday. In addition, please let your parents know that the entry fee at the door for this weekend is $20 on Saturday and $10 on Sunday. If you pay on Saturday, you don’t have to pay again on Sunday.  Also, we will be having a coaches social Saturday night after the games are completed. We will have food, adult beverages and the NCAA tourney games popping. We hope you will make arrangements (get baby sitters) to attend so we can all fellowship.  Details will be provided on Saturday.

We are currently in the process of developing team profiles for each team. To this end, as quickly as possible, I need each of you to email me a team picture, individual head shots of your players, your team roster, a list of your starters, your top 2-3 players and other team-related information you want as part of your team profile. We also need for each player to complete a player profile online.  We will be using this information for media and exposure purposes. If we don’t have the required information on your player, they may miss the opportunity to be featured in our post event reports and other media/marketing materials. Please see the link below. Finally, please direct your players and parents to regularly follow the official league website ( so they can keep updated with what’s happening with the league.

In closing, we have worked hard to develop the NYBL as a new standard in youth basketball.  However, for the league to reach its full potential and to become something truly special, it’s important that you all commit to take partial ownership of the success of the league.  If we all work hard, the NYBL will continue to be one of the most exciting events to ever hit youth basketball! See you in Washington DC!!!

Session 1 Schedules:
Player Profile Link:
Team Registration Link:
Official NYBL Website:

Rob Taylor

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