Tuesday, May 27, 2014

NYBL Session #3 Leading Scores

J. Jones, B. Koprivica, E. Johnson, B. McCray & C. Elliott
One of the unique features of the National Youth Basketball League (NYBL) includes the tracking and highlighting of the top players in the league. In session # 3 in Louisville, KY, there were a number of players who put up big numbers in terms of scoring. In the 2019 division, guys like Upstate Elite ‘s Joe Jones (35), Team Florida’s Balsa Koprivica (33), Carolina Chaos’ Evan Johnson (30) and Arkansas Soldierz (30) joined the 30-point Club with big time performances. Only Chase Elliott (2020) with the Worldwide Wildcats reached to 30-point mark with his 31-point explosion against CBC Elite. Although only a handful of guys cracked 30, there were a number of 20-point games in both divisions.  Below is a link to the entire list of leading scorers.

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