Monday, April 28, 2014

NYBL Official 2020 Top Performer List

Shemar Morrow, Jordan Toles, Jason Harris, Zion Harmon & Javion Ross
A couple of weeks ago the NYBL released their official Top Performer List for the class of 2019. As promised, below is a link to the league’s 2020 list.  As most NYBL observers suspect, heading that list as the Session MVP is the Oakland’s Soldiers’ Shemar Morrow. Morrow’s 53 point performance in the opening session in Washington D.C. was not only eye-popping, but garnered him and the league national attention from mainstream media. Moreover, the fact he threw down a dunk in this same game only solidified his #1 ranking in the country.

Make no mistake; Morrow was not the only player who made a name for himself in the nation’s capital. Joining Morrow on the “1st team” were Jordan Toles (Banneker Kings), who is a consensus top 3 player in the class; Zion Harmon (Team Glory), arguably the top 5th grader in the nation; Javion “Hobby” Ross (Carolina Kings), who put up gaudy numbers in Session #1: and Jason Harris (West Coast All-Stars), another top 10 nationally ranked player and arguably the top guy on the west coast.

Other guys to keep an eye on include: Kyree Walker (Oakland Soldiers), Paris Dawson (West Coast All-Stars), Domingus Stephens (Team Glory) and Trey Patterson (Team Nation). Session #2 in Atlanta this weekend will provide another platform for other standout performers to emerge. The top performers from session-to-session will position themselves to receive coveted invitations to the league’s All-Star games in August. We can’t wait to get to Atlanta!

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  1. We can't wait to get the schedule....why is the 2020 information ALWAYS so late being posted?