Sunday, April 20, 2014

Official Session #1 Top Performers Released

Barrett, Lewis, Days, Gary & Mitchell-1st Team Performers
Since the conclusion of the NYBL’s Session #1 in Washington D.C., the standout performances have been well documented by various scouting services and media outlets. However, below is a link to the league’s official 7th grade “Top Performer” list, which will be used to determine who will receive invitations to the NYBL all-star games, which will be held as part of the “NYBL All-Star Weekend” in August.

The league’s All-Star Weekend will consistent of multiple (2-3) all-star games in addition to a camp, which will feature guest speakers, skill and drill sessions and regular games. Participation in the all-star games is by invitation, while participation in the camp will be open to every NYBL participant as well as other nationally ranked players from outside of the league. Finally, the championship ring ceremony will also be held as part of the festivities.

In terms of the Top Performer list, the players are listed as part of teams, from 1st team to Honorable Mention. Obviously, the players listed on the 1st team were the better performers than the players listed as Honorable mention. Also, in general, the teams that did the best in Session # 1 tended to get more players on the list than the teams that did not do as well. Also, we will start from scratch after Session #2 and a new list will be created based solely on Session #2 performances. We will be developing new lists at the conclusion of each session. The league will release the 6th grade list in a couple of days. A link to that list will appear at the bottom of this story.

Official Top Performer List (2020)

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